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Sundance Orchids & Bromeliads

A little about us…

DSCN1709_edited-1Sundance Orchids and Bromeliads is a retail orchid and bromeliad nursery located in a beautiful, upscale south Fort Myers community called Briarcliff, 2 miles off of U.S. Hwy 41 and 1 mile off Michael G. Rippe Parkway (Metro Extension). Nine modern, clean and organized greenhouses are set on nearly 5 acres of landscaped grounds amongst pines and palms. Founded in 2001, Sundance caters to not only the orchid fancier, but also to the collector.With over 20,000 square feet of orchid space, we have a large selection of hybrids as well as species with hundreds blooming any day of the year.

We feature bromeliads readily adaptable to the landscape, both full sun as well as those requiring some shade protection. Most will adapt well to the lanai environment. We sell to the general public as well as wholesale to commercial landscapers. Sundance offers a large variety of bromeliads to fit any landscape type.

In addition to the landscape bromeliads, we have tillandsias (airplants), which are also a bromeliad. These airplants come in many sizes, shapes and forms. We have a lot of Florida and North Carolina driftwood and Mopani, which we import in from Africa, to attach these tillandsias to and make beautiful ‘Living Log Arrangements.’ We offer over a vast selection many are rare and hard to find varieties of tillandsias all year long. Orchids have been our mainstay with thousands of cattleyas, encyclias, phaleanopsis, dendrobiums, bulbophyllum and other genera as well as a large selection of vandaceous orchids imported directly from Thailand. As the area’s largest retail orchid nursery with over 1500 varieties to choose from, we offer choices rarely found in other orchid nurseries. In addition to the sale of orchids, we have “Summer Camp for Orchids”, repotting service, all types of supplies and plenty of free advice. Our employees are plant enthusiast with many years of experience growing and raising orchids and bromeliads and can answer your questions. Frequently, we offer repotting classes for those customers interested in doing it themselves. We do talks for organizations, usually at no charge, and are frequently invited back for a repeat performance.

Come visit and enjoy the wonderful smells and beautiful colors at Sundance Orchids and Bromeliads.

The Founder’s Story

Having retired in Pittsburgh in the mid nineties I, as many others did, moved to Florida to get away from the winters. I had been an avid gardener and had spent a significant part of my free time tending to these gardens after retiring. When we moved to Fort Myers, however, like many others we moved to a “gated community” where landscaping was included in the monthly fee.

There was little chance to get outdoors and garden. So I became interested in orchids. Just a few at first but being the impatient type it soon grew to 20 plants. One spring weekend my wife and I went to a sale at Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead and I bought 60 orchids. She had filled out a coupon for a drawing and on the following Tuesday I received a phone call from a friend who said she had won first prize in the drawing. “What did she win?” I asked. “Sixty orchids” was the response. What a surprise! From 20 to 140 orchids in one weekend!

Needless to say our small collection had grown rapidly, and it continued to grow. By the summer of 2001 this collection was approaching 700 plants all on our lanai. I even had an automatic sprinkling system installed for watering. One day my wife, while reading the paper on the lanai, became soaked as the watering system came on by accident! Needless to say she wasn’t too happy. After that incident she suggested it might be a good idea if I got them the ____ out of there.

So I searched and found a very rundown greenhouse in the Briarcliff section of Fort Myers, rehabilitated it and in November of 2001 opened a little retail orchid business called Sundance Orchids. Since that date we have grown from 3 greenhouses with about 3,000 orchids in about 9,000 square feet to 9 greenhouses, 25,000 orchids, 20,000 bromeliads and about 70,000 square feet under cover. Some little business!!

We have landscaped the yards to demonstrate how to integrate orchids and bromeliads into the landscape and also to test our plants for their sun tolerance. We are continually looking for new ideas to further help our customers enjoy their love of both orchids and bromeliads. I hope you’ll come out and enjoy the surroundings at Sundance Orchids and Bromeliads.

Shipping & Deliveries

All online orders will ship on the following Tuesday after order is received.

We provide deliveries within the local Fort Myers area for a small charge.