Summer Camp


For our less than full-time residents, we offer the service of caring for your orchids when you leave for an extended period of time.

Our controlled atmosphere greenhouses provide protection from the elements, plus we spray for diseases, insects, and feed your plants on our greenhouse formula for better nutrition.

  • Water is an all important part of the successful growing of orchids and Sundance has a reverse osmosis system to help control the PH as well as the EC’s in the water for better growth and nutrient uptake. Even a one or two month “stay” can be very beneficial to your orchid’s well being.
  • Some customers find after time that their “collection” has grown unmanageable and they choose to keep their orchids in our greenhouses until they rebloom. They too receive our “special treatment”.
  • Vandas can be problematic about reblooming and many times we will “baby sit” vandas for a little encouragement to bloom, usually successfully.
  • Try our Summer Camp. It really is safer than “hanging them in the trees or leaving them with someone next door!”

Shipping & Deliveries

All online orders will ship on the following Tuesday after order is received.

We provide deliveries within the local Fort Myers area for a small charge.